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We are headed into fall and the most popular show on television, The Walking Dead, makes its return in a few weeks. Since we ARE speaking with our friends from the Zombie Response Team, and since they ARE the experts on such things, we wanted the second part of our conversation to be a bit more zombie-centric and have some fun while (we still can!) we get educated. With this in mind, we came up with a few more questions for the brave souls that have made it their mission to “Protect and Sever”. Here we go.

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What are the first signs we should watch for to tip us off that the Zombie Apocalypse (ZA) has started?

One clear indication would be mass reports of people eating other people.

Where is the one place you absolutely DO NOT want to be in the event of the ZA?

Anywhere but my home. Our home is secure and fortified and ready for action. Anywhere else is not.

If the ZA pops off tomorrow, do you believe we will be dealing with “walkers” or “sprinters”?

Honestly, it’s a toss up. It really could go either way.

It is a widely held belief that the cause of the ZA would most probably be some form of virus. Given this assumption, do you believe the virus would be able to mutate as the ZA stretched into the future creating the possibility of an “evolving” zombie? Could what starts out as a shambling undead creature somehow morph into a more mobile and aggressive type?

Depends on the type of virus. If it were something like a mutated rabies virus, then the chances of it mutating even more could be possible, but it could not be possible; just depends on how the virus was mutated to begin with and if it’s capable of continuing to mutate.

Given that death and decomposition go hand in hand, how long should we be prepared to survive before we could expect that the walking dead might decompose to the point that they are no longer a viable threat?

Another good question and this also depends on where you reside. In colder regions, it’ll take longer, but on the other hand, they could just freeze, however, once they defrost, who’s to say that they won’t simply come back to “life” and keep moving forward? As far as heat goes, it really depends on the type of virus. If it’s just a virus, then they’d still be alive and not necessarily dead and therefore, decomposition wouldn’t be a reasonable assumption. It’s all variable.

If you could choose the soundtrack to your life during the Zombie Apocalypse, what would it be? Of course, you HAVE to explain this one.

Eminem – Not Afraid
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
Hollywood Undead – Undead
Matchbook Romance – You Can Run, But We’ll Find You

And a few others. But basically, any songs that make me get up off my ass and make me pumped to keep going. A song that can make me feel empowered or hopeful or simply make me shake my booty, would be a great soundtrack to the Zombie Apocalypse.

How does the average American most underestimate the foe that would be the zombie?

Many people think that because the typical zombie moves slowly, that’d they’d easily be able to escape and evade. But zombies move in hordes so once they reach you (while you sleep or eat or go to the bathroom), you’d not only be fighting off one or two, you’d be fighting off a whole horde.

When it comes to the ZA, what is the one thing you can almost guarantee that we have forgotten? What haven’t we thought about?

Hygiene. I know this sounds silly, but no matter who I talk to about the apocalypse or surviving, nobody ever brings up hygiene. Hygiene is so important, even if you can only scrub your body and teeth and hair with straight water, DO IT. Otherwise, you could get skin irritations (which could lead to infections), your teeth could begin to rot and a variety of other things.

Any member of the military, avid hiker or athlete will tell you, “You have to take care of your feet.” If you were outfitting us, what’s your number one suggestion for the appropriate footwear for the Zombie Apocalypse. Explain.

Honestly, there really is no ‘one’ specific piece of footwear that is going to be better than another. It’s all personal preference. I agree that your feet are important and you need a comfortable shoe. As long as it’s comfortable and above the ankle and you can wear it for an extended period of time without getting sore or getting blisters, then it’s all good.

What’s your self-defense weapon of choice for the ZA?

Either my compound bow or my rifle. One is silent and I’ll be able to use more often, but the other can be used at much longer distances.

We would need to be able to move around after the undead have turned our wonderful country into a rotting wasteland. Which mode of transportation would you recommend?

My feet! Seriously, feet are going to be the best mode of transportation, but a bicycle could work for a time, or even a horse. A vehicle will work for a short period of time, but once gas is no longer easily accessible, it will not be the best option, so we have to have an option that isn’t going to require any type of fuel.

With the zombie killing we’ll inevitably be forced to do in the apocalypse, contagion from blood splatter will definitely be a risk. There is one question that must be answered. Awesome, air-vented (to prevent fogging) motorcycle goggles or mirrored chrome shades?

Neither, Oakley sunglasses. 😉 Gotta look good while killing off the hordes! lol

After the first few days of the outbreak, would sports arenas prove to be a good place to set up a survival camp? If so, open air or dome?

I’d have to decide that on a case-by-case basis, but that doesn’t seem secure enough to me. It’s too open, too big and too many opportunities for someone or a zombie to break in.

Assuming you’ve got the problem of transportation covered, the now greatly depopulated American landscape would be your oyster in the zombie apocalypse. Which national landmark or tourist attraction would you most like to visit now that crowds (of the living) are no longer a deterrent?

All of ‘em! If we have unlimited amount of time and transportation is covered, then let’s do something productive with our time and see it all. Why not!

We know y’all are coffee drinkers, as are we. Given this fact, and understanding that a zombie infested post-apocalyptic America will be found wanting of an open Starbucks when we need one most, I ask you this…a coffee press: important survival item or the MOST important survival item?

Obviously, the #1 most important survival item.

Well, there you have it. Now I feel like I’m really ready for Halloween and anything else that might be headed my way…..once I get me some Oakleys.

A big thanks once again to ZRT for hanging out with us for a while.


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