I’ve never been too big on the idea of buying traditional insurance policies. Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying anything bad about insurance companies in general or the people that work in the insurance industry. I just cannot get completely comfortable with the idea that I have to pay for something that I can’t see or touch with the hope that it will be there when I need it or that I’m forced to count on someone else to come through for me and my family in our time of need. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is one that can be linked directly to my Dad. Being a salesman most of his adult life, he believed in tangibles. My Dad really only put his trust in things he could put his hands on…things he could touch, see and feel. Listening to and watching my father over the years taught me that having faith in this life is necessary, but there is nothing wrong with taking matters into your own hands whenever possible to handle your business and cover your bases.

Alice and I live a preparedness lifestyle. We maintain a readiness footing so that we can respond to any threat that we may encounter. We do this by taking practical steps to insulate ourselves from the real world disruptions that could impact our way of life without warning. We have a vegetable garden, we’ve taken up canning, we have a water plan, we keep medical supplies on hand and we know how to use them, we acquire survival knowledge and practice our skills, we have a supply of medium and long range storage foods and a way to prepare them and we have acquired the tools necessary to carry out our self-defense plan and we actively train towards that end.

We assessed our situation, developed a plan and we are taking steps to implement it to the best of our ability every day. Much like my Dad, we believe in tangibles and we chose to take responsibility for our post-event well being today.

I’m not the first to make the argument that the preps you make today are an insurance policy for some thing that may happen at some point in the future, but I want you to focus on the fact that they are more than a collection of things that just sit around and collect dust. Each item is a real, concrete example of a practical step you have taken to guarantee that you will be able to rise to meet the challenge when it comes. Your home, a piece of property, putting in a garden and acquiring the tools necessary to maintain it, buying and learning to use a water filter or putting in a rain collection system, learning first aid, owning a feral rod fire starter and learning how to use it, building food stores or buying and training with a firearm for protection. It all counts, and when paired with a well thought out plan, you know it will be there when you need it most.

In a world of economic uncertainty where more and more paper seems to be chasing less and less product, and peril always seems to be waiting just over the horizon, we choose to trade in cold hard facts and real deal assets. My advice to you is to invest in tangibles. Choose to put your resources into those things that will provide you a stronger foothold towards a better day. When given the choice between a hard asset and a promise as an insurance policy, I will take the tangible option every time.


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