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When I first discovered The Jakarta Pandemic I got really excited.  I found Steven Konkoly’s work of post-apocalyptic fiction focused on what would happen in the wake of an outbreak of a killer pandemic virus at the perfect moment.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  As a prepper and a history nut, I had long been interested in pandemics and the impacts they have on societies and had often wondered what it would be like for me if my family and I had to deal with a serious viral outbreak.  With Jakarta, Steve let me in on his vision of what it would be like and I devoured it.  I thought to myself, “This guy gets it!  I don’t know if he believes everything he’s writing about, but he gets it.”  That led me to simply ask him all those questions and that turned into THE JAKARTA PANDEMIC : STEVEN KONKOLY : THE INTERVIEW.  From there, things took off and now I’m fortunate enough to be able to call Steve my co-author, a confidant and a friend.

The Jakarta Pandemic is a look at what might happen in a region, a town, a community and a suburban family home during an outbreak of a killer virus that reaches a pandemic level.  TJP takes a look at the impacts that an event like this would have on the interconnected systems that make our technologically advanced society possible and Steve explores the strains on interpersonal relationships that would be inevitable in an emergency situation like the one that would be created by a pandemic virus.

Fear not, there is more to The Jakarta Pandemic than fear and violence.  Steve takes a look at what an every day family can do to be prepared for such an event with just a little forethought,  planning and discipline.  I loved standing behind Alex Fletcher as he “checked the Frito supply” in his basement.  In my case it would be the Cheez-It supply, but I digress.  If you’ve never thought about what you would do if society began to come apart at the seams, you should read this book.

If you want a harrowing look at what could lie in store for us following not only a pandemic virus, but virtually any major disaster, do yourself a favor and check out The Jakarta Pandemic by Steven Konkoly.  I love this book.  I love the characters, I love the concept and I love the story.  The Jakarta Pandemic is definitely PracTac approved and worth your time.  Check it out today.



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