The Civil Defense Book: Emergency Preparedness for a Rural or Suburban Community

Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community’s Michael Mabee has experience as an urban EMT and paramedic, a suburban police officer and with the federal government. Michael served in two wartime deployments to Iraq and two humanitarian missions to Guatemala with the United States Army.

I’m thrilled to announce that Michael will be joining me this month on Practical Prepping. Period. to discuss his fantastic book, The Civil Defense Book, Emergency Preparedness for a Rural or Suburban Community.

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The term “Black Sky” or “Black Sky Hazard” refers to an event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures. A Black Sky Hazard is a catastrophic event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures in multiple regions for long durations. Think electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or space weather in the form of a massive solar flare, for starters. Given the interconnected nature of today’s hyper-complex societies, a “BLACK SKY” event would “bring society to its knees” in very short order.

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“It is the policy of the United States to prepare for space weather events to minimize the extent of economic loss and human hardship.” That is the language used in Executive Order 13744, Coordinating Efforts To Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events, signed on October 13, 2016 by President Barack Obama. After years of Congress knowing about the problem and failing to take action, I was pleased to learn that the former President did what he could through the executive office to try and protect the critical infrastructure of our nation. However it is still up to Congress to set aside the funds to follow through and take action in support of the specifics laid out in this order. I’ve read for years about how everyone knows this is a threat, yet no one is willing to take action. Well, the former President did what he could do in response to a lack of action by Congress and now it’s our turn.

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When the topic of preparedness comes up in conversation, the inevitable question from everyone we talk to is “What are you afraid of?” or “What worries you most?” Not always in an attacking manner. Some folks are genuinely interested. Our answer is always much the same. Read through to find out why we practice preparedness.

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It’s not the fall that gets you….

It’s not the fall that kills you; it’s the sudden change of direction at the bottom. Read through to find out what I think you can do today to soften the landing.

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The Perseid Collapse and the associated apocalypse that comes to us from the mind of Steven Konkoly, that is. And the really good news is that it’s widening! Konkoly invites us inside the collapse as he brings The Perseid Collapse Series to Amazon’s Kindle Worlds on February 3, 2015. What …

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100 things you can do to live more sustainably

This was originally posted by Sharon Astyk from a position of resource scarcity consciousness, specifically peak oil, but the ideas that are mentioned could prove useful regardless of why you feel they would be necessary. I found it interesting and I hope you do as well. ========================================================================================================================================================================= 100 Things you …

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A cooperative effort with best selling post-apocalyptic author Steven Konkoly, PRACTICAL PREPPING is an essay style collaboration that looks at personal preparedness through a real world lens while keeping the focus on the practical steps you can take to mitigate the impacts from the most common hazards we all face. …

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Rational Survivor podcast

Well, this was fun. Last week, Steve Konkoly and I had a conversation with Kyle from Rational Survivor. We talked about the new book, Practical Prepping: No Apocalypse Required, but this fun talk covered everything from how we got started in preparedness, Steve’s books including The Jakarta Pandemic and the …

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Get the @PracTac4U QSG today ( ) and coming soon, PRACTICAL PREPPING: NO APOCALYPSE REQUIRED! — Mr. Powers (@PracTac4U) August 12, 2014