The good folks over at Bravo Concealment were kind enough to supply us with a couple of the newer products in their line of gear, the Torsion Holster, for evaluation and review.  Bravo Concealment’s reputation for quality kit preceded this experience with them for me, but once we got our hands on the holsters in question, we quickly came to understand how they had earned such a high regard among those that carry concealed firearms specifically, and more generally among the shooting community as a whole.


For the purposes of this review, we were supplied with a couple of the Bravo Concealment Torsion Holsters and accompanying dual mag pouches for a Glock 27 and a M&P Shield 9mm.  My friend, the tactical coordinator for our shooting and preparedness group, and my go-to guy for all things firearms in association with Practical Tactical, Thomas Case 1LT, 3/B/1-108th Cav. ran the Glock 27 and I took the holster for the M&P Shield 9mm.  These reviews will sound and feel different as you read them, and they should.  That is precisely why I asked First Lieutenant Case to help me out.  With that said, upon reading Thomas’ review I found that we had a very similar experience with the Bravo Concealment products, so I’m going to lean heavily on his review here.  I will add my take later, but let’s check out his review first.


This is a review of the Torsion Holster by Bravo Concealment

My friend Randy at Practical Tactical got in touch with Bravo Concealment and requested a sample for testing and evaluation. Randy receives a lot of requests for information on EDC (every day carry) tools and equipment for emergency preparedness. Randy sent the sample to me for evaluation because I carry one or more firearms a day for both of my careers. This evaluation took place over a six month period where I carried a Glock 27 in this holster almost every day.

I dislike reading an entire review only to discover that the author has the same opinion as me. If I like a product then I don’t want to waste ten minutes reading a review of my own thoughts. I like to read reviews that are the opposite of my opinion so that I can decide if I experienced a lemon or if the product has flaws that I failed to notice so I will give you my overall thoughts before I go into detail.

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): This holster is absolutely worth the money ($44.99).

The sample that I received was exactly as pictured. I was immediately concerned with the durability of the belt clips because they seemed to flex a little too much. I thought that they would be a point of failure for the holster. As a result of my apprehension I ensured that I did not treat the clips gingerly. I did not do a torture test where I hung weights on the clips until they failed, but I did not go easy on the holster either. After six months the clips are still like new and I have not experienced any issues. The clips have secured to every belt that I own (dress, casual, military, and actual gun belts).

I also put the holster inside the waistband of my gym shorts with no belt. I would not recommend this to anyone because holsters are made to work with belts. You cannot expect a holster to work by using the waistband of gym shorts but the Torsion performed exceptionally well. I was even able to properly draw the weapon from concealment with no belt. The holster stayed in place and the weapon drew with no hang-up.

I then conducted a test. The firearm had a full, extended magazine but I did not have a round in the chamber for this test. You should always carry a firearm that is ready to fight, but during testing I will fail to chamber a weapon if I think that it could be a danger to others. For this test I went to a playground with my children and some family members. The Torsion Holster concealed very well under an Under Armor T-shirt and I climbed up a slide to the waiting children. One of those children pushed me back down the slide and I ended up falling onto my back after sliding head first down the slide. My first thought was not “am I injured?” My first thought was “there is no way that my gun is still in the holster.” I was surprised to find that the Torsion Holster held the Glock in place and it was right where I left it. I was completely sold after that test. No belt, gym shorts, and a back flip… holster and gun still in place!

I was able to conceal the Torsion Holster in every outfit that I wanted to wear. I watched a video review of the holster that said it seemed like a good product, but the reviewer did not like appendix carry so the reviewer would never purchase this holster. I completely disagree. I too dislike appendix carry. My torso is proportionately shorter than some and I cannot carry appendix. When I try, the firearm impedes my ability to bend at the waist. I like freedom of movement and I also need to tie my shoes. I cannot tie my shoes when I carry appendix or even sit down so I carry in the 4-5 o’clock position on my waistline. The Torsion aspect of the holster, a 10 degree cant in the belt clips, allows the holster to ride close to the body and it reduces printing of the holster on your cover shirt.

This holster is exactly as advertised. There were no issues with retention or durability. I would absolutely recommend this holster to any person who needs a good holster for concealed carry (which is everyone who carries a firearm). This holster is as comfortable as a holster can be.

To contrast this holster, I also have a name-brand “tuckable” holster that is just as comfortable and had the same level of retention. I took the other holster to a lake where I was walking on a fallen tree with one my children. I felt a pop a my side and I instinctively reached toward the holster. I caught the other holster as the belt clips failed and the Glock (still in the holster) fell toward the water. That was the last day that I carried the other holster. It now sits in a drawer with a mound of failed holsters that looked like they would be perfect. The Torsion Holster is far superior and I would rely on the Torsion to keep my firearm where I need it when my life depends on it.

The rep at Bravo Concealment allowed Randy at Practical Tactical to keep the holster as long as an honest review of the product was written. No other compensation was received from Bravo Concealment. This company has good products with lifetime warranties and a 30 day money back guarantee. You can’t go wrong with Bravo Concealment.

About me (because why would you listen to a stranger): I have carried a firearm everyday for 17 plus years. I have been in law enforcement for 15 years and a I also moon-light as a Soldier in a combat arms unit. Have fun, be safe, and practice every chance you get.




Now for my final thoughts…


I have been a concealed carry permit holder for the past six years and carry either a M&P 9C Compact or a M&P Shield 9mm as part of my every day carry (EDC) lineup.  For the review of the Torsion Holster, the Shield was my daily carry firearm.

I am as “average joe” as it gets when it comes to firearm ownership and concealed carry, but I do take the responsibility of the choice I made to carry a firearm very seriously.  I train as often as possible and I make every effort to be as safe and responsible as any gun owner can be.  A key part of that practice is using quality gear that I can depend on.  I will not recommend any piece of gear that I have not used and do not feel comfortable trusting my life, or the lives of my wife and children, on should the need ever arise.  With that said, to echo First Lieutenant Case, the Bravo Concealment Torsion Holster easily fits that bill.

The first thing that stood out to me about the Torsion holster was the belt clips.  I own several other inside the waistband (IWB) holsters and none of them are equipped with belt clips on par with those on the Torsion holster.  Once the “teeth” of the Torsion’s clips are in place, they are there to stay.  I wore the holster on a riggers belt, as well as dress and casual belts, and I wore it with no belt at all on several pair of Tru-Spec 24/7 pants, jeans, sweatpants, as well as casual and athletic shorts during my day-to-day activities.  In each instance, the Torsion holster stayed in place and felt secure while holding the fully loaded M&P Shield 9mm.

Although the Torsion is designed to make appendix carry easier, that’s not for me.  Rather I choose to carry in the 4-5 o’clock position and the Torsion holster is more comfortable than any other I own when worn in this manner and the low profile design makes it the most easily concealable on my frame as well.  I can promise you there was absolutely no coordination between Thomas and I, but being the father to two children under the age of three, I too found myself at the playground with my kids.  Although I didn’t wind up tumbling off a slide, my daughter and I did take several trips down a couple of twisting, tunnel slides.  Wearing my gun in the Torsion holster, I never once felt like the firearm was in danger of coming out of the holster, nor did I fear the rig was going to fail.

At the end of the day, I heartily second First Lieutenant Case’s assessment of the Torsion holster from Bravo Concealment and absolutely recommend this product to anyone and everyone looking for a quality, affordable, and (most importantly) dependable holster for their concealed carry firearm.  Furthermore, having worked with the good people at Bravo Concealment to bring you this review, I can say without hesitation that top shelf customer service is yet another benefit you can look forward to should you choose to do business with Bravo Concealment.






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