Today we would like to officially announce PRACTICAL PREPPING: NO APOCALYPSE REQUIRED, a collaboration with acclaimed post-apocalyptic author (and friend) Steven Konkoly (see his announcement here), that will take an in-depth and entertaining look at the steps anyone can take to prepare for disaster. In-depth AND entertaining? Absolutely!

So how did this all come together? Well, hopefully you have discovered and enjoyed the Perseid Collapse series of books, Steve’s follow-up effort to The Jakarta Pandemic, that debuted in December of last year and have been tearing through 2014. If you haven’t found them yet, follow the links on the home page and get up to speed…like now. If you are already familiar with the books, you’re probably aware that we are serving as preparedness consultants for the series and that is a fact we are extremely proud to be able to share with the world. While working on the Perseid series, Steve pitched this idea to me and things just took off from there. The result is a book that will explore real-life concepts and solutions to the real-life threats each of us face every day.

PRACTICAL PREPPING: NO APOCALYPSE REQUIRED is not just another “HOW TO” manual. We don’t provide you with the ABC’s of how to survive every scenario and we aren’t telling you that the world is ending. Instead, we take a fresh and practical approach to preparedness and provide you with the framework, processes and tools (along with a few lists) that will give you a tactical advantage as you raise your level of preparedness without breaking the bank or ending your relationships.

Sounds great right, but how do we pull this off? Although Steve and I share an overall perspective when it comes to preparedness, we each have a slightly different take on the specifics thanks to our life experiences. Over the course of some 20-plus chapters, we will give you a window into our preparedness lives and thoughts (scary, I know) through excerpts from Steve’s books, paired with an essay from each of us on topics like BOLT kits, PRACTICAL CAPITAL and what actually has VALUE in a disaster situation. This approach is what makes PRACTICAL PREPPING different from the rest of the books you will find on the preparedness landscape.

So what are you really going to get with this project?
I think it’s safe to say we have effectively gotten our respective peanut butter and chocolate all over everything when it comes to readiness. Pairing Steve’s prodigious skills as a post-apocalyptic author with Practical Tactical’s holistic preparedness philosophies we believe we have created an entertaining preparedness resource that you will want to revisit time and again not only for fun read, but also with a highlight pen as you make note of the things you may not have thought of yet when it comes to preparedness. To get you ready, check out this sample chapter from the book. Keep in mind that this is un-edited. Chapter 4, which touches on PLANNING, seems like the perfect way to introduce you to the concepts that drive what PRACTICAL PREPPING is all about. ENJOY!

Sample Chapter


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