A cooperative effort with best selling post-apocalyptic author Steven Konkoly, PRACTICAL PREPPING is an essay style collaboration that looks at personal preparedness through a real world lens while keeping the focus on the practical steps you can take to mitigate the impacts from the most common hazards we all face. Instead of focusing on billowing mushroom clouds or a disastrous electromagnetic pulse (EMP), we walk you through how to prepare to survive a raging wildfire, a hurricane or a crippling ice storm. We encourage you to identify the everyday threats that are most relevant to you and your situation and we arm you with the tools necessary to follow through on getting ready to face them.

Living near Athens, Georgia, I’m very familiar with the legendary, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians R.E.M., but when it comes to prepping “It’s the end of the world as we know it…” does not always apply. Steve and I lay out an approach and philosophy to preparedness that will inform and reassure you as you begin the brave and vitally important task of getting yourself and your family or group ready for whatever the future may hold.

PRACTICAL PREPPING is a companion book to Steve’s breakout hit The Jakarta Pandemic
as well as the books in the The Perseid Collapse (The Perseid Collapse Series) (Volume 1), and it is a deeper look into the preparedness principles laid out in the Practical Tactical Quick Start Guide.

Along with these other titles PRACTICAL PREPPING rounds out a literary preparedness experience that is entertaining, informative and foundational. If you would like to hear Steve and I discuss PRACTICAL PREPPING and most everything else prepping check out our podcast interview with Kyle over at

Interview with Practical Tactical

Get your copy of Practical Prepping: No Apocalypse Required: Companion book to The Jakarta Pandemic and The Perseid Collapse Series (An Everyday Approach to Disaster Preparedness) (Volume 1) today!!!

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