I’ve just finished reading Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure and I am so happy! I’m happy for so many reasons. Here’s why.


jake  millers big adventure


Bernie Carr’s Prepper’s Book For Kids really delivers on the ABCs of basic preparedness (regardless of your age) and the wonderful illustrations courtesy of Aja Wells pull you right into the adventure alongside Jake and Miller. And what a fun adventure it is!


Jake has big plans for a big adventure and he wants his best friend Miller to come along. Although he’s not too sure at first, Miller trusts his friend and the companions set about getting ready to go. Like any good friend would do Jake puts Miller’s concerns and fears to rest explaining how, by preparing a little in advance of their trip and taking some supplies with them, he and Miller would not have to worry about food, water or shelter. Even if one of our brave adventurers suffered a boo-boo along the way, everything would be okay because they were going to take a first aid kit along…just in case. We see that Jake is truly a big, little man that covers all of his bases as he explains to Miller his plan for navigation and communication, not to mention displaying his situational awareness too. After seeing this planning, not to mention the confidence it provides, is more than enough to get Miller on board for the big adventure.


I am a very proud uncle and have two amazing nephews under the age of seven. Everything about this book, the fantastic story as well as the wonderful illustrations, kept them at the center of my thoughts and my smile broadened with every page I read. This story is very cute, a whole lot of fun and absolutely useful. I do not hesitate to say that Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure is PracTac approved for all ages!



About the Author: Bernie Carr is the author of the Prepper’s Pocket Guide and the popular website www.ApartmentPrepper.com. She lives in Houston, TX.
About the Illustrator: Aja Wells is the illustrator of That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore. She lives in Paradise, CA.
Amazon:  Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure: A Prepper’s Book for Kids

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