HONORED! We were named the Zombie Response Team’s October Survivalist of the Month!


ZOMBIES!  Who doesn’t love ’em?  We certainly enjoy a good undead story, either in film or print.  When you start thinking about zombies, you have to think “What would I do if the dead walked tomorrow?”  Well  if you don’t have a clue, thankfully there are those out there that have already thought the scenario through and are ready and willing to help arm you with the skills you need to survive the zombie apocalypse…or virtually anything else for that matter.  We are talking about the Zombie Response Team based in San Antonio, Texas.  We are big fans of what the ZRT are doing to help others get educated about and prepared for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, not to mention encouraging and teaching others how to achieve an overall level of basic preparedness.  Like us, they believe that everyone should get ready today because the hordes could be at your door tomorrow!  Needless to say, that’s why we were thrilled to learn that we had been selected as ZRT’s October Survivalist of the Month.

Me and one of our girls Ayla reorganizing and updating my B.O.L.T. gear. By the way, don’t you love my Georgia DAWGS shirt?

Check out my application letter below:

Realizing that the threats in our world are many and we are few, we began preparing for the zombie hordes about three years ago.  Along the way we realized (what we already knew) that having at least a basic level of preparedness and a plan that can be put into action quickly was only prudent and would benefit us for any run of the mill emergency and we would be that much better off when the inevitable ZA does break out.  So, spurred on by this realization and a desire to help others that want to survive, we developed and launched Practical Tactical.  OUR MISSION:  Helping you establish and implement a personalized and practical disaster preparedness plan for you and your family.  In support of our survival plan we have planted a very productive vegetable garden, learned how to can and preserve, taken weapons training and built preparedness kits for our home, each vehicle and kits to keep at our places of employment.  We would like to be considered for Survivalist(s) of the Month because we recognize the clear evidence that the ZA is imminent and we are taking practical steps to be ready to survive.  Also, we are doing our best to help others learn the skills necessary to survive the coming dangers of the undead along the way.  We fully support your efforts to do the same and we consider you comrades in arms as we ready ourselves for the inevitable apocalypse.  Cheers!  

Whether you’re preparing a short term power outage, severe weather, terrorist attack or the zombie apocalypse, the ZRT will prove to be a great resource for you along your preparedness journey.  What’s more than that, the guys and gals at ZRT are just good folks.  You can follow them on Twitter @zombieresponse, on Facebook or get in the conversation on the ZRT Forum.

Check them out today and enter soon to see if you too will be able to claim the title of Survivalist of the Month!

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