Firearms for home defense and a GRAPHIC example that makes the case


Surely you’ve seen this video and heard about this story by now. Recently a young mother was violently attacked during a home invasion and robbery and the entire, horrifying scene was caught on the family’s nanny cam. Thankfully, this video evidence has led to the arrest of alleged perpetrator. When my wife and I first watched this video, we were together and watched in stunned silence. Now we both were very aware that things like this happen and happen more often than any of us like to spend too much time thinking about, but to see it graphically played out is still extremely powerful and shocking. Because we came to terms with the fact that bad things happen to good people every day, we made the decision years ago to own firearms for home and self defense and we have spent the time since making our purchases training in an effort to safely and responsibly put them to effective use should any horrible situation ever arise that we feel we need them.


I wanted to share this video and this story here in part because sharing these awful images is what the victim in this case said she wanted to have happen in hopes that it might help someone else not have to suffer the same kind of attack in the future, but also because….as a husband and a son….I wanted to ask each of you out there a simple question. What if this was you? What if this was your wife? Your daughter? Your mother? Your sister? Your girlfriend? Your friend or neighbor?

I am thankful that I have the right, the means and a plan to take steps to fight back if I found myself or my family in this situation. Moreover, I am extremely thankful that my wife and best friend has the right, the tools and the will to defend herself to any length she deems necessary to guarantee her personal safety.

We are “average” citizens that have chosen to act responsibly in the ownership of firearms. They are the tools we have chosen to use to better insure our personal safety. Each of you must decide for yourselves where you stand on firearms, the use of lethal force and just how seriously you take your personal safety and security, but as for our side….we’ve made our choices and we are absolutely comfortable with them.

Stay safe out there.


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