FEMA PrepTalks: Youth – The Key to Building a Culture of Preparedness


Sarah Thompson’s PrepTalk, “Youth: The Key to Building a Culture of Preparedness,” highlights how children are great mobilizers, actors, and connectors within their communities for building a culture of preparedness. “Kids love to learn; they love to share what they learned,” Thompson says “That means they can be really good at bringing home preparedness messages.” Thompson uses her experience and sociological data to show how emergency managers can use the natural curiosity of children to build preparedness in their communities.

Thompson is director of U.S. Emergencies for Save the Children, where she leads emergency preparedness, recovery, and psychosocial programming. She is the author of the Prep Rally curriculum, an innovative program that has taught more than 100,000 children preparedness skills through play and has won the 2017 FEMA Community Preparedness Award.

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