So you’ve seen the wisdom of preparedness, you’ve done a threat assessment for you area and started working on a family disaster plan.  You’ve pulled together a disaster kit for your home or business and you’ve actually built a BOLT Kit for yourself and helped every member of your family to do the same.  Congratulations!  You’ve made some great strides in your family’s preparedness.  But, are you finished?  The answer to that question depends on the answer to this one.  You’ve undoubtedly collected a lot of really cool gear, but do you know how to use it?  If not, all of your “stuff” will be just about as useful as a flat spare tire on a rainy night when you have a flat.

Test your gear!

Test your gear!

Fear not, we can help.

We have developed an outdoor class, our BOLT Weekend, where we get out in the field and test out our gear and basic bushcraft skills.  We address each of the basic tenets of preparedness as defined in the Practical Tactical Quick Start Guide as we explore your ability to make shelter, purify water, manage food, make fire, test out communications gear, defend yourself and maintain the proper state of mind.  Having all the appropriate gear is one thing, but knowing how to use it effectively is something else all together and the only way to know for sure if your gear will actually work for you when you need it to is to put it to the test.  During our BOLT Weekend, you will have the opportunity to see how your gear measures up to your requirements and we will be there to help you every step of the way.


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